Clown shopping after Christmas

Clown shopping after Christmas — Many people know that the day after Christmas is the largest shopping day of the year — but if you wait a little bit longer, you can pick up some props that may work for your clowning.

For example, earlier today I went shopping at Walgreens to pick up some medical prescriptions. Normally, I don’t purchase much else at Walgreens, but they had quite a few Christmas leftovers marked down 70%. ¬†Some of the items that we picked up for clowning were:
  • Jingling Santa Claus hat, with “Naughty” on one side, and “Nice” on the other
    • I can see the audience reacting when a fellow clown ¬†thinks he’s going to get the “nice” hat, and get the “naughty” instead – we’ll probably use the rule of three, before revealing what’s been happening.
  • Animated, singing Santa Claus hat
    • I can see using this on either myself or a volunteer, and getting the audience to start joinging in with the song
  • Flashing Christmas Tree and Red nosed reindeer sunglasses
    • Anywhere I’d use comedy glasses, these will be natural in the months before Christmas
  • Bubble vials
    • At birthday parties, I like to prepare goody bags — and I picked up several bags for a dollar each, with eight vials of bubble/wands

So, the question is: what can you find?

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