Clown Ministry Wife Swap ?

My life gets surreal sometimes.   I’€™ve been contacted by lots of nice people over the years due to running the Clown Ministry website, and a few strange requests as well.   I’€™m adding the phone call that I received this morning from the  Wife Swap  TV show to the “strange” category.

The producers of the  Wife Swap  show are apparently looking for a couple involved in clown ministry (preferably with both parents active in clowning), with small children at home.   Part of the follow-up email that I received reads as follows:

“As I mentioned on the phone, I am a casting producer for ABC TV’s prime time show Wife Swap. We are currently casting for the 3rd season and are hoping to cast a family who’s involved in Clown Ministry. I’m hoping you will consider referring any families that you know who would be interested in considering this opportunity (or consider this for your family)!”

Now, my wife and I are both active in clown ministry, and we have four children in the age range that they’re looking for, but frankly, I’m disinclined to accept the invitation—but if anybody out there is interested, let me know and I’ll pass your name on …


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