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Under the Big Top: 100 Years of Circus Music

Under the Big Top: 100 Years of Circus Music, by the Great American Main Street Band

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Under the Big Top : 100 Years of circus music, by the Great American Main Street BandThe songs included on this CD include:

  • Opening: Entry of the Gladiators
  • Liberty Horses: Memphis the Majestic March
  • Grand Entry: Caeser’s Triumphal March; Snare & Drum Chord
  • Clowns: Miss Trombone (A Slippery Rag)
  • Acrobats: The Cantonians March
  • Trampoline – Clown Band: Broadway One Step
  • Flying Act: Wedding of the Winds (March)
  • Dogs and Ponies: Honey Boys on Parade (March); Snare Drum and Chord
  • High Wire: Kentucky Sunrise (Two-Step)
  • Lions and Tigers: Jungle Queen (Oriental Two Step)
  • Lions and Tigers: The Big Cage (Circus Galop)
  • Clowns: Trombone Blues
  • Elephants: Royal Decree (March)
  • Clowns: The Booster (An American Absurdity Rag)
  • Bears: Russian Circus March; Snare Drum & Chord
  • Bare Back Riding: Olympia Hippodrome March
  • Chimpanzees: Clownette (Novelty)
  • High Sway Pole: The Circus King (March)
  • Clowns: Walking Frog (Two-Step)
  • Adagio: A Night In June
  • Jugglers: Stop It! (One Step); Snare Drum & Chord
  • Teeter Board: Folies Bergere (March and Two-Step)
  • Chinese Display: Fan-Tan (Chinese March Characteristique)
  • Low Wire: Copa Cabana (Samba); Snare Drum
  • Roman Rings: Crimson Petal (Valse Caprice)
  • Flying Act: Circus Echoes (Galop); Snare Drum
  • Races: Storming of El Caney
  • Grand Finale: Barnum & Bailey‒s Favorite (March)


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