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Clown Magic, by David GinnClown Magic, by David Ginn

Buy from Amazon.com¬†Clown Magic, written by David Ginn, is an interesting book in several ways. First, it should be noted that David Ginn is a children’s entertainer, with several decades worth of experience. Second, he has served as an instructor at the UW La Crosse’s Clown Camp. Thirdly, he’s a comedy magician and not a clown.

There is an enormous difference between comedians and clowns, and David Ginn knows this very well. Clown Magic is an excellent book, and one of my favorite resources. It talks not only about how to do magic tricks, and gives dozens of examples and easy-to-make props, but teaches how to “think like a clown” — so that the magic isn’t just funny, but clownish. It’s a wonderful book that I recommend highly.

Book description of Clown Magic

Clowning is fun. Magic is fun. Putting the two together doubles the fun and enjoyment. In this book you will learn how to effectively combine the humor and funny antics of clowning with the thrill and enchantment of magic. This is not simply a book about clowning, nor is it just a book of comedy magic tricks. It is a guide on how to be entertainingly funny using magical effects and offbeat humor. The book is loaded with hundreds of tried and tested comedy effects with dozens of complete clown magic skits and routines.

Table of Contents of Clown Magic

  • Foreword
  • Chapter 1 – Magic and Clowning
    • Being Funny
    • Clown Character
    • Clown Humor
    • Clown Magic Versus Comedy Magic
    • Basic Rules of Magic
  • Chapter 2 – Entertaining with Clown magic
    • Creating magic
    • The Secrets of Misdirection
    • Tricks and Props
    • Successful Clown Magic
    • Basic Rules of Magic
  • Chapter 3 – Most Clowns Talk
    • Greeting Your Audience
    • Covering Mistakes
    • New Magic Words
    • Outdoor shows
    • Birthday Party Laughs
  • Chapter 4 – Working with Children
    • Warming Up Your Audience
    • Audience Participation
    • Comedy for Children
    • Seating the Audience
    • Supervising Children
    • Clown Up Close
    • Shake Hands for Laughs
    • What Children Like
    • Showmanship
  • Chapter 5 – Snaky Magic For Laughs
    • The Spring Snake
    • Can on the Table
    • Back in the Can
    • The Snake Attack
    • Fake Snake Attack
    • Jumbo Surprise Wand
    • My Favorite Snake routines
    • Comedy Lunch Box
  • Chapter 6 – Magical Fun With Kids
    • Follow Instructions
    • Chicken from the Coat
    • Instant Costumes
    • The Apple/Worm Can
    • Balloon Blow-Up
    • That Magic Flower
    • Coloring By Magic
  • Chapter 7 – Clown Stunts
    • The Rice bottle
    • Basketball Briefcase
    • Homemade Electric Deck
    • Sawing a Goat in Half
    • Magic Eggs
    • Crazy Magazine
    • Book Gags
    • Optical Illusion Numbers
  • Chapter 8 – Magic Close Up
    • Houdini Straws
    • Coke Float
    • Coin Under the Cup
    • Coin Gone Twice
    • Your Dollar/My Dollar
    • Eat a Dollar
    • Card Stick
    • Thumb Off
    • Penetrated Thumb
    • The Mummy finger
    • Smell the Flower
    • Squeaker Gags
  • Chapter 9 – Super Sight Gags
    • Suitcase Gags
    • Silly sight Gags
    • Book Worm?
    • Computer Baby
    • Big Band Music
    • Rapid Balloon Sculpture
    • Comedy Dove Appear
    • Dog in the Shoe Box
  • Chapter 10 – Running Gags
    • Water of the Chattahoochee
    • Olsen and Johnson’s Growing Plant
    • Newspaper Swindle
    • Scarves That Won’t Stay Tied
    • Silk tossed Up
    • Glass of Water
    • Tree of India
  • Chapter 11 – Clown Magic On Stage
    • My Tie Tied
    • Siren Flashlight
    • Ooey Gooey
    • Any-Color Crayon
    • Ribbon and Balls
    • Mechanical Toy Takes Over
    • Hank Box
    • It’s Empty! It’s Gone!
    • The Apple Cans
  • Chapter 12 – Clown Skits
    • The Split Up
    • Chicken or the Egg
    • Singing with Cake
    • Maga-Sounds
    • Karrell Fox’s Handy Dandy Earphones
    • The Chair
    • Clown Camera
    • Card, Silk, Pie
    • The Big Newspaper
  • Chapter 13 – Clown Tricks for Two or More Performers
    • Spike Out of Noah’s Ark
    • Vanishing Rubber Chicken
    • Balloon Pop
    • Mind Reader Clowns (Buttons & Homer and the Holey Hat)
    • Floating Violin
    • Endless Scarves
    • Almost Gone Candle Vanish
    • The Great Houdini Escape
    • One Last Thing
  • Appendix A – Standard Magic Props
  • Appendix B – Resources
  • Index


Computer nerd by day, professional clown on evenings and weekends (Raynbow), who combines the two by maintaining a bunch of websites dedicated to the history and performances of clowning, such as Free Clown Skits, and comedy such as Best Clean Funny Jokes.

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  1. Mr. Ginn. Where are you? it seems the Alleys have forgotten the basics. I have always liked your style of entertaining. I have to be reminded of what I already know. All it takes is the sight of the first book Ive ever owned before I even met the author – Clown Magic.

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