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Felix Adler, world famous circus clown

Felix Adler photo gallery

Felix Adler photo gallery – Felix Adler was a white face circus clown, who was known both as The King of Clowns and as The White House Clown given the number of times that he performed at the White House for various American presidents. Many of the photos here are courtesy of the International Clown Hall […]

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Face of Glenn Frosty Little

Frosty Little photo gallery

Frosty Little photo gallery dedicated to Frosty Little, “Boss Clown” of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus for several years.

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Circus Clown - Lou Jacobs postcard

Lou Jacobs photo gallery

Lou Jacobs photo gallery – dedicated to the great Auguste circus clown, Lou Jacobs

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A young Red Skelton in Montreal, 9/24/1936

Red Skelton photo gallery

Red Skelton photo gallery – Photo gallery of “America’s favorite clown” Red Skelton

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Black and white photo of "Grandma the Clown's" face

Grandma the Clown photo gallery

Grandma photo gallery – photos of Barry Lubin as “Grandma the clown,” famous for his time with the Big Apple Circus

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Midwest Clown Association convention 2014

Photos from the 2014 Midwest Clown Association Roundup in the Quad Cities

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