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A History of Clowns

Court Jester - painting by Jim Howle
(thanks to Bruce “Charlie” Johnson and The Clown Hall of Fame) Introduction The art of clowning has existed for thousands of years. A pygmy clown performed as a jester in the court of Pharaoh Dadkeri-Assi during Egypt’s Fifth Dynasty about 2500 B.C. Court jesters have performed in China...
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Albert Fratellini, famous European circus clown

Albert Fratellini
Albert Fratellini (1886 – 1961) Albert Fratellini was born in Moscow to the Fratellini circus family. He and his brothers, Paul and Francois, trained in Russia under one of the Durov brothers. The Fratellini brothers entree lasted 45 minutes. They performed at the Cirque Medrano where many classic...
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Requiem for Frosty Little

Glenn "Frosty" Little, inducted into the 1991 Clown Hall of Fame
Biography of Glenn “Frosty” Little (December 5, 1925 – October 26, 2010) Glenn “Frosty” Little was born in Genoa, Nebraska on December 5th, 1925.  He received his nickname (which later became his clown name) from his grandfather, who compared him to Jack Frost, due to his love of...
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Bob Bell (1922 – 1997), WGN-TVs Bozo the Clown

Bozo the Clown, portrayed by Bob Bell
Biography of Bob Bell, WGN-TV’s original Bozo the Clown (January 18, 1922 – December 8, 1997) (Editor’s note: for fans of Bob Bell, WGN-TV will be showing Special: Bozo, Gar & Ray: WGN TV Classics, on Christmas Eve from 10:00 a.m. Central Standard Time, “A look back at...
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Homer / Don Burda – last walkaround

Don Burda as Homer with Dee
(from Richard Snowberg) Dear Clown Camp Family Members, We have lost a member of our family. With sorrow I am writing to tell you that Don Burda passed away this morning (Thursday, September 11) at 5:15 AM. I have spoken with his daughter, Denise, and she was able...
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Mailbag – clown ministry question

Message: 1 Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 09:25:02 -0600 From: Dianna K Hale <clownxpres@juno.com> Subject: Re: passing on a question Frank, I’m catching up on emails and spotted your reply to Sandy about Clown Ministry. Just wanted to thank you for such a candid response, you hit the...
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Clown Camp 1998

Staff make up demonstration - after. Back row: Kenny Ahern, Brenda Ahern (yes, they're related -- happily married). Front row: Betty Cash/Peewee, Linda Batdorf/Spin, Jim Howle/Jim
A pictorial journey through Week 3 of UW-LaCrosse’s Clown Camp A photo history of the UW-LaCrosse’s clown camp, taken back in 1998 (week 3).
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