Harold Lloyd

The Cats-Paw, starring Harold LLoyd

The Cats-Paw, starring Harold Lloyd

movie review of  The Cats-Paw  (1934) starring Harold Lloyd

Buy from Amazon.com The Cats-Paw is a very different Harold Lloyd movie; however, it’s also a very funny movie, and one that I enjoyed very much.

Very different from his roles up to this point,  Harold Lloyd plays the part of Ezekiel Cobb, a naive young man who’s been raised in China by his missionary parents.   He returns to the United States to seek a wife –  much of the humor in the early part of the movie deals with the ‘fish out of water’ nature of his character, as contemporary American slang is a foreign language to him.   Along the say, he is enlisted by the corrupt political machine of the fictional city of Stockport, led by the corrupt Jake Mayo (played by George Barbier) to run as the ‘reform’ candidate, where he’s expected to be the “cats paw” of the party leadership – and expected to lose.    Unexpectedly, he wins and starts a campaign to live up to his promise to clean up the town of the corrupt political machine that runs things behind the scenes. (more…)

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