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Magic change bag

magic change bagThe change bag is a very versatile clown prop.  It is used to make a small item disappear, or to change one small item into another.  One of its’ strengths is that the bag can be pulled inside-out to ‘prove’ that it’s empty—when it’s not, of course.  It can be used as a straight magic trick, but it lends itself to clown magic as well.  For example, many years ago at Clown Camp one of the skits that the students performed a short act trying to demonstrate one of the magic tricks that they ‘learned’—turning a silk into a mouse.  They put a colored silk into the change bag, and pulled out—something else (I forget what, but it could have been a variety of things—a flag, a silk scarf with a message, a squeaky duck, etc.), and so they try (and fail) again—and on the third try, they pull out a ‘green mouse’—a little rubber frog.

In the same way, there are hundreds of other possible things that you can pull out of a change bag.  It’s very versatile and has a huge bang for the buck.

Product Description of Change Bag

This is one of our greatest items ever produced! Quality is the best ever made! You hold the Change Bag while your spectator places silks into the bag. You give the Change Bag a little shake and then have your spectator reach into the bag again! He or she will remove the silks and see that they have transformed! Includes “How To” instructions!


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