Take Apart Vanish Box

Take Apart Vanish Box – clown magic prop

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The  Take Apart Vanish Box is a very nice magic prop that easily lends itself to clowning or comedy magic.   It is a colorful box, that the performer places a small object inside, and it “magically” disappears.  And to prove that it’s vanished, the box is then disassembled in front of the audience.   Mark Wilson discusses how to build something similar in his book,  Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic.  But it’s beyond my meager woodworking skills to make one.

The  Vanish Box lends itself to clowning in several ways.   The box itself is colorful, which is always a plus for kids’ entertainers.   Second, there’s  lots of comedy potential in the box being disassembled.   For example, I tend to clown with my wife as my partner, and one skit we could easily do is where she gives me something for safekeeping, which I put in the box, only to have it promptly vanish.   “Do you still have it?” as I try to hide the (disassembled) box from her, etc.


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