An Advent Children’s Skit

This one was written for the third Sunday in Advent. Children should already be seated in front.

Clown 1: (Entering) This way, I found it!

Clown 2 (Following) Wait a minute, this doesn’t look like a birthday party.

Clown 1: This is a special kind of birthday. (They begin to move toward the front of the sanctuary.)

Clown 2: But look at all the adults. Where are the children?

Clown 1: (pointing) They are up at the front.

Clown 2: But, where is the cake? Oh wait, I see candles! (rushes to Advent Wreath)

Clown 1: No, wait that’s . . . (rushing to catch up)

Clown 2: One, two, three. Three candles are lit, so whoever is having a birthday must be turning three.

Clown 1: No, this is an Advent Wreath.

Clown 2: Advent?

Clown 1: Advent. It means ““to come before, to prepare, to count down.”

Clown 2: I can do that, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blast off !!!! (takes off, pretending to fly)

Clown 1: Come back here! Look see this first candle. It means “hope.”

Clown 2: I hope we are going out to eat after church.

Clown 1: This is a hope for something even bigger. The hope for the Messiah, the Savior that God promised.

Clown 2: God never breaks his promises.

Clown 1: Right. That’s the second candle, “faith.” You have faith, because you believe that God will keep his promises, no matter what.

Clown 2: Hope, Faith. What’s the third candle?

Clown 1: The third candle is “joy.” That’s where we come in.

Clown 2: Joy means happiness. That’s our job to make people happy.

Clown 1: That’s right. Now lets find the guy in charge here.

Clown 2: Is it that guy wearing the dress?

Clown 1: Yes, but we need to talk to the children.

Clown 2: Great! I love children.

Clown 1: (to kids) Do you guys know whose birthday we are getting ready for? (Let kids answer)

Clown 2: Well, where is He? (Let kids answer)

Clown 1: He is here, even though you can’t see him.

Clown 2: But I wanted to show him my trick, and we brought him some gold and silver (hold up bag). How are we going to give him His presents?

Clown 1: Jesus said that whatever we do for others, we do for Him.

Clown 2: So if we do our tricks for these kids and give them the gold and silver, it will be just like giving it to Jesus for his birthday?

Clown 1: That’s what the Bible says. It tells us all about Jesus.

(Clowns do tricks, juggling, plates, balancing, or whatever)

Clown 2: Now can I give them the silver and gold?

Clown 1: Yes. (they give out Hershey’s kisses. Then, let pastor say prayer)

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