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Standing Strong

Standing Strong – a free clown skit for 2 clowns by Steve Conley, dealing with standing in God’s strength

This skit comes from Steve Conley , courtesy of the Clown Ministry group at http://groups.yahoo.com/ – a group I heartily recommend, by the way.

Kim: Steve, what are you doing?

Steve: Working out.

Kim: Why?

Steve: Because God will honor us for standing strong. So I’m working out to be able to get strong.

(Steve lifting up arms to do shoulder presses)

Kim: (waving her hand in front of her face or holding her nose) Oh, you’re getting strong all right!

Steve: I know, I’m feeling stronger with every rep I do.

Kim: Well how strong do you have to be to stand strong?

Steve: I’m not sure. I guess I could see if I’m strong enough right now.

(Steve gets some kids from the audience and play tug-a-war — after some comedy back & forth, Steve loses)

Steve: It appears that I need to work out some more. I’m just not there yet.

Kim: You might try using this.

(Kim hands Steve a Bible)

Steve: Thanks but I think I will stick with the weights.

Kim: You need to exercise the mind!

Steve: How will that help me in getting strong?

Kim: I think God is saying that He will honor us for standing strong on values, God’s values.

Steve: That’s just like a girl. Always thinking about a value.

Kim: I’m talking about Godly values. The fruits of the spirit come to mind. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. We can find value in each one of these.

Steve: I’m talking about strength!

Kim: So am I. We can find strength in love. We can find strength in joy, peace, kindness self-control. In all of these…

Steve; OK, I get it! The Bible says that God is my strength.

Kim: Right. (looks at audience) Honor God and He will honor you.

Copyright © 2003 by Steve Conley. Performing rights only.


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