Turkey Day

Turkey Day A clown skit for 2 clowns, regarding Thanksgiving

Clown 1: (strides on stage, with energy & purpose—turns to face the audience) Happy Turkey Day, everyone! Do you know what tomorrow [or next Thursday, etc.—depending on when you’re doing the skit] is? That’s right! It’s Turkey Day!
(Clown 2 walks on stage during this, striking a bemused look)
Clown 1: Yes, the fourth Thursday in November is Turkey Day in the United States of America, and we celebrate Turkey Day by… eating turkey! And stuffing! And my Mom always makes pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce, too!
(Clown 2 walks over to Clown 1, and engages him in conversation)
Clown 2: Excuse me…
Clown 1: (noticing Clown 2 for the first time) Maybe… do you have a written excuse from your Mom?
Clown 2: Pardon me?
Clown 1: (to the audience) First he wants an excuse, and now he wants a pardon! No pleasing some people! (turns back to Clown 2) What do you want?
Clown 2: I was just wondering… why do you think we celebrate ‘Turkey Day’?
Clown 1: ‘Cuz it tastes good!
Clown 2: But why set aside a special day? Turkey tastes good every day, right?
Clown 1: Well, yeah, I guess it does…
Clown 2: There’s more to the fourth Thursday in November than eating Turkey, you know.
Clown 1: (shocked) There IS?
Clown 2: Of course! My pastor says it’s a special day when we remember to thank God for everything. The first American president, George Washington, said (pulls out note card—exaggerate looking for the card, holding it upside down at first, etc.—remember that you’re clowning) Thanksgiving should “be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God.”
Clown 1: George Washingboard said that?
Clown 2: Washington said that.
Clown 1: He forgot to mention Turkey!
Clown 2: He didn’t forget—he remembered God, who we Give Thanks to—Thanks – Give -ing—get it?
Clown 1: (as the light slowly dawns) Ohh… then where did we get the big turkey from?
Clown 2: (inching towards the edge of the stage, so as to get a head start) It depends—where were you born?
Clown 1: In the hospital… (the insult dawns on him) HEY! Are you calling me a big turkey! (skit ends in chase off stage)

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