Donuts and Freckles (what baptism is, and isn’t)

Donuts and Freckles, a skit for two clowns, demonstrating what baptism is, and isn’t. Original by Raynbow the Clown.

Props: A donut, a (clear) glass of white milk, a washcloth, a sponge, a scrub brush, a bottle of Windex, sandpaper, and Comet cleanser

Skit starts with Clown 1 entering, addressing the audience

Clown 1: (looking at his watch) Good morning, everyone! This morning, my helper Clown 2 and I are going to demonstrate what Baptism means — (glances at watch again) — except that Clown 2 is late, and he promised to bring my visual aids!

Clown 2: Here I am! (enters, carrying donut and glass of milk)

Clown 1: (looking slightly upset) Where have you been? And where are the visual aids? Continue reading