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How do I start Clowning? Clown Magic part 1

Clown Magic, part 1 – an introduction

Welcome back  to our ongoing how-to series—today, we’re going to begin discussing clown magic, how it is similar to “standard” magic, and how it differs.

Let’s begin with getting some definitions out of the way. By “magic”, we’re discussing the sleight of hand and “sleight of mind” (pun not intended) popularized by David Copperfield, et. al. We are not discussing anything unholy, unwholesome, or that God would frown upon. That’s magick (or magyk, or…), and something we’re not going to touch with a ten-foot pole.

Another disclaimer: Mr. Copperfield (and all other performing magicians) aren’t doing anything “mystical”, etc.  They are doing things that we’re not expecting, and taking advantage of some presuppositions that our minds make. Here’s a short example. There’s a magical prop, called X-Salted. It’s a gimmicked salt shaker. The presentation is as follows: the magician comes on stage, and starts pouring salt out of the shaker. He stops, unscrews the top of the shaker, and dumps all of the salt out of the shaker. He screws the lid back on, and turns the shaker upside down. Salt continues to pour out of the top of the salt shaker – for minutes. Since we (as adults) “know” that that salt shaker top can’t  possibly hold that much salt, we’re astounded.  It must be magic! The answer, of course, is that our perceptions have been fooled, and the salt shaker lid holds more salt that we think it would.  Children  aren’t  fooled by this illusion, since they haven’t “learned” that rule about space. (more…)

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How do I start Clowning? Clown Magic part 3

Clown Tutorial – Clown  Magic – magic card magic – free magic trick

Welcome back – today, the rubber meets the road, and we introduce a free magic trick that you can introduce into your clowning. As always, you want to adapt these things to fit your character. (more…)

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Clown Tutorial - Choosing a clown name

How Do I Start Clowning? Choosing a clown name

Clown Tutorial – Choosing a clown name

“What’s in a name?
That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet, Act II Scene ii

“A rose by any other name
Would still give ya hay fever.”

Benjamin J. Grimm, The Fantastic Four

How do you choose a name for your clown? Is it important? Should you worry about it? (more…)

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