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DVD cover - Robert Downey Jr. as Chaplin

Chaplin (1992) starring Robert Downey Jr.

Chaplin, Directed by Richard Attenborough, starring Robert Downey Jr., Geraldine Chaplin, Moira Kelly, Anthony Hopkins, Dan Aykroyd, Kevin Kline

Synopsis of Chaplin:

A biography of Charlie Chaplin, told in flashback by the elderly Chaplin, played unexpectedly well by Robert Downey Jr. A very good film, relatively balanced, displaying Charlie Chaplin’s creativity, as well as his private life. It shows Charlie Chaplin’s good and bad sides, including his penchant for underage girls.

DVD cover - Robert Downey Jr. as ChaplinIn short, it was a very well done movie; it captured the atmosphere of the time well, and I was frankly astonished at Robert Downey Jr.’s performance. I’ve never been of fan of his, or Kevin Kline’s for that matter, but everyone gave bravura performances. (more…)

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