Milton Berle

movie review of Cracking Up starring Jerry Lewis, with appearances by Milton Berle, Sammy Davis Jr.

Cracking Up [Jerry Lewis]

Cracking Up (1983) starring Jerry Lewis Editorial review of Cracking Up courtesy of  Cracking Up is a crazy quilt of sight gags, one-liners, caricatures, slapstick and quirky vocal mannerisms. In short, it’s marvelous mayhem of the kind which has gained Jerry Lewis admirers the world over. Lewis plays a hapless misfit who seeks psychiatric help after […]

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The Bellboy(1960), starring Jerry Lewis

The Bellboy

The Bellboy(1960), starring Jerry Lewis  You’ve heard the phrase, laugh out loud funny?   Jerry Lewis’ €˜ The Bellboy is, literally, laugh out loud funny.   How do I know?   I’ve just watched it on AMC — and laughed so loud, so often, that my wife was afraid that I would annoy the […]

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