The Fool in the Mirror

The Fool in the Mirror, a clown poem by Tom Raymond

The man sits wearily in front of the mirror
the sound of laughter ringing in his ears
a fool stares back at him.

A faint grin tugs at his lips
as he wipes the smile off his face
and stores it back in the jar. (more…)

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Red Skelton painting of Freddie the Freeloader, titled "Hold that Tiger"

The Circus – poem by Red Skelton

The Circus – poem by Red Skelton

Red Skelton wrote this poem in honor of his father, a former circus clown, whom Red never knew — Red’s father died two months before Red was born. ¬†Years later, a young Red also clowned in the circus — at the very same circus where his father had performed years before. (more…)

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