A different perspective on Valentine’s Day

My father died last year on February 11, 2007.   We had the funeral on February 14th – as you can imagine, this will color my perception of Valentines Day from now on.

Please remember two things on this Valentines Day (and other holidays as well):  

  • For some of us, the holiday can be bittersweet at best – a reminder of those no longer with us.   For example,  Charlie Chaplin died on Christmas Day; this doesn’t color my perception of that day, but I can understand how it might affect his children or surviving friends, or people who strongly identify with Charlie.
  • If your Dad is alive, give him a hug – remember that we only get our parents for a short stretch of time, and we can only tell them that we can love them now.   I don’t have any regrets about my relationship with my Dad – I loved him and he knew it, and he loved me and I knew it.  But some people aren’t that fortunate.   Give your Mom and your siblings a hug as well – it certainly won’t be wasted.


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