Humor Is Everywhere You Look

Just recently, I realized how Wal-Mart (or almost any local variety store) could be an abundant supplier of humor resources.

  1. The greeting card section is a terrific place to browse and sharpen your sense of humor. It is always filled with humorous greeting cards. I like to buy the funniest ones and put them in my greeting card file folder for future use.
  2. The toy department is filled with fun things for home and office. Toys can make you laugh and stimulate your creativity. The right toy on your desk at work can show others your sense of humor.
  3. The book and periodical section is a place to find funny reading material and books to stimulate your creativity (rhyming dictionaries, synonym finders, etc).
  4. The clothing section is a source of funny T-Shirts.
  5. The Halloween section is a place to find fun outfits to wear to your next party.
  6. The grocery section (in the really big Wal-Mart stores) is a place to look for funny labels. “Shake before using.” If you feel silly, just shake a part of your body that is not too obvious. On a can of nuts, “Instructions: Open can. Eat nuts.” Wow, that would have never have occurred to me. Much of the humor comes from a literal interpretation of simple wording.
  7. The audio/video section is a source of funny movies, tapes, CDs and DVDs.
  8. At the checkout counter, look for little humor items on the racks. Booklets and tabloids are a great source of humor writings.
  9. Ask the greeter, “What is the funniest thing that you saw this week?”
  10. Watch for funny people and funny behavior. When I want to see someone really funny looking, I search for a mirror.
  11. If nothing else, watch for great smiles. And share a bright smile of your own.
  12. Keep your humor radar tuned. You never know when a bright spot will show up on your screen!

Copyright 2005 by John Kinde

By John Kinde, Motivational Humorist from Las Vegas, NV.

(702) 263-4363


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