Be a Clown: Techniques from a Real Clown

Be a Clown: Techniques from a Real Clown (Quick Starts for Kids!) by Ron Burgess, Heather Barberie (Illustrator), Ron Phillips

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Paperback – 63 pages

Order Be A Clown! Techniques from a Real Clown from and help support’s note:  this book should not be confused with  Turk Pipkin’s Be A Clown (complete with nose)  nor  Mark Stolzenberg’s Be A Clown, and has no relation to  Cole Porter’s classic song “Be A Clown”)

A children’s book (grades 4 – 8) that introduces the basics of clowning, including clown types (Auguste,  White face,  Tramp/Hobo), character development, and various funny bits. Illustrated, as well as black & white photographs of Ron Burgess in character as “Silly Willy.” Catherine Perkins’s The Most Excellent Book of How to Be a Clown is similar and has color photos, but Burgess’ book has more information and greater detail. Ron Burgess is a humorist, professional clown, and second-grade teacher

Publisher Comments about Be A Clown!:

Bring on the clowns!

  • Paint on your funniest (or saddest) clown face.
  • Create an amazing clown costume using everyday clothing and props.
  • Perform awesome tricks, hilarious pratfalls, and funny bits.

Author’s Comments about Be A Clown!:

“The Library Journal that reviews books for libraries and schools had a long article about my book. Here are just two sentences from the review: “Whatever the reason for wanting to be a clown – participating in a talent show or starting a clown business entertaining at birthday parties this book will suit readers needs. “How To Be a Clown” by C. Perkins is a similar type book, but Burgess’ book “Be A Clown” has more information and greater detail.”

Wow!!! Talk about getting a big head.

The book is good for kids and adults.”

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I rate it 4 clowns  frosty3frosty3frosty3frosty3    on a 5-clown scale.


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