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Clowns: In conversation with modern masters

Clowns: In conversation with modern mastersClowns: In conversation with modern masters, by Ezra LeBank (Editor), David Bridel (Editor)

Editorial review of  Clowns: In conversation with modern masters, courtesy of Amazon.com

Buy from Amazon.com Clowns: In Conversation with Modern Masters is a groundbreaking collection of conversations with 20 of the greatest clowns on earth. In discussion with clown aficionados Ezra LeBank and David Bridel, these legends of comedy reveal the origins, inspirations, techniques, and philosophies that underpin their remarkable odysseys. Featuring incomparable artists, including Slava Polunin, Bill Irwin, David Shiner, Oleg Popov, Dimitri, Nola Rae, and many more, Clowns is a unique and definitive study on the art of clowning.

In Clowns, these 20 master artists speak candidly about their first encounters with clowning and circus, the crucial decisions that carved out the foundations of their style, and the role of teachers and mentors who shaped their development. Follow the twists and turns that changed the direction of their art and careers, explore the role of failure and originality in their lives and performances, and examine the development and evolution of the signature routines that became each clown’s trademark. The discussions culminate in meditations on the role of clowning in the modern world, as these great practitioners share their perspectives on the mysterious, elusive art of the clown.

Table of Contents for  Clowns: In conversation with modern masters

  1. Origins
  2. Nola Rae
  3. Aziz Gual
  4. Larry Pisoni and Lorenzo Pisoni
  5. Micha Usov
  6. Slava Polunin
  7. Avner Eisenberg
  8. Rene Bazinet
  9. Barry Lubin
  10. Jango Edwards
  11. Peter Shub
  12. David Konyot
  13. Dmitri
  14. David Larible
  15. Oleg Popov
  16. Bello Nock
  17. Angela de Castro
  18. Geoff Hoyle
  19. Bill Irwin and David Shiner
  20. Reflections: David and Ezra in Conversation with Phil Burgers



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