Dewey’s Gospel Balloon Routines #2

Dewey's Gospel Balloon Routines #2Dewey’s Gospel Balloon Routines, volume 2

Buy from This book is a compilation of Ralph Dewey’s “Good News Balloons” columns from Christian Conjurer magazine, edited and supplemented by new material. It’s a very nice resource, which I recommend to balloon workers, caring clowns or clown ministers. Although it’s much longer that the first book in the series, like all of Ralph Dewey’s books, it’s more of a pamphlet (32 pages) than a book.

Unlike the first book, there are many ‘how-to’ illustrations of how to make the actual balloons (including the various fruit & fruit basket for a ‘fruits of the Spirit’ skit). The book includes:

  • The “care & feeding” of balloons
  • Ways to use Gospel balloons
  • Bus Ministry guidelines
  • “Bee” a Christian skit
  • Adam and Eve skit
  • The Fruits of the Spirit skit
  • Good News Balloon Hats
  • “Mob” balloon work
  • Saint Peter skit
  • Our sin nature skit
  • Gospel Balloon ideas

All in all, a nice little volume, inexpensive and worthwhile. Recommended to gospel balloon workers, clown ministers, (and even ‘ordinary’ ministers).

Rated 5 clowns  clownclownclownclownclown

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