Bozo Grand Prize Game

Bozo Bucket Bonanza–Grand Prize Game

One of my favorite parts of WGN-TV’s Bozo the Clown show was when Bob Bell, aka. Bozo the Clown, would do the Bozo Grand Prize Game. with a boy and a girl from the studio audience.  There would be six buckets in a row, and the contestant would throw a ping pong ball into the nearest bucket, and win a small prize.  They would attempt to throw the ping pong ball into the second bucket, and win a larger prize, and so on.  It’s much harder than it sounds, since the further the ping pong ball was tossed, the more difficult the toss – and the more likely it was to bounce out.
That’s exactly what this is — your own set of buckets, ball, Bozo stickers, etc.  A note to my fellow clowns (and other performers) — do not try to use this in a performance without permission.  It’s for home use, and not ‘licensed’ for performance.

Product Description of Bozo Grand Prize Game

Bozo the Clown - Bucket Grand Prize GameRelive the past with the classic Bozo Buckets! This Bozo-Riffic party game is based on the original classic as seen on the Bozo Show, and is now available due to popular demand! This well-known game comes with 6 plastic buckets which are made to easily snap to the included vinyl strip that properly aligns and space the buckets for quick set up. Also included are 2 special Bozo Bucket Balls and a sticker sheet that allows you the enjoyment of numbering and decorating the buckets yourself. The game is nicely packaged in a box adorned with nostalgic style Bozo graphics and instructions making it perfect for gift giving. Buckets are approximately 7 inches by 5 inches.

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