Bozo the Clown Merchandise

Larry Harmon had an undeniable genius in marketing Bozo the Clown, including TV shows, live appearances, lunch buckets, and literally hundreds of other items. Bop bags, comforters, tricycles, and the list can go on and on. Even today, 40 years later, with no Bozo show being broadcast, there is a sizable amount of Bozo the Clown merchandise available.


46-inch Bozo Bop Bag

Bozo the Clown bop bag

A retro classic! The Original, first ever, Bozo 3-D Bop Bag is back. Last seen in the 1960’s. This 46 inch tall Bozo Bop Bag is an inflatable Bozo with a “Squeaky” nose that you can punch until you’re exhausted (or you break it.) Made of durable vinyl with a sand filled base.

or, for the desktop, 7-inch Bozo Bop Bag

Bozo The Clown Ventriloquist Dummy

Bozo the Clown ventriloquist doll

Larry Harmon’s World Famous Clown! Dressed in blue clown outfit trimmed in red and white with red yarn hair and red painted clown nose. Ideal for adults and children! Enjoy hours of fun. Great for enhancing a child’s imagination. Each famous personality has a moving mouth, which is easily operated using a string in the back of the neck. Each character comes in a re-usable zippered, vinyl tote bag and an instruction booklet “Seven Simple Steps To Ventriloquism.”

Bozo Grand Prize Game

Bozo the Clown - Bucket Grand Prize Game

One of my favorite parts of WGN-TV’s Bozo the Clown show was when Bob Bell, aka. Bozo the Clown, would do the Bozo Grand Prize Game. with a boy and a girl from the studio audience.  There would be six buckets in a row, and the contestant would throw a ping pong ball into the nearest bucket, and win a small prize.   They would attempt to throw the ball into the second bucket, and win a larger prize, and so on.   It’s much harder than it sounds, since the further the ping pong ball was tossed, the more difficult the toss… And the more likely it was to bounce out. (more…)

Bozo the Clown Plush Doll

Bozo the Clown plush doll

There have been a variety of various Bozo the Clown plush dolls over the years. These tend to be cyclical. At the moment, I don’t find any new plush dolls available, although there’s quite a variety on eBay. Whenever new dolls are available, I’ll update this entry.


Bozo - thw World's Most Famous Clown volume 1

Bozo: the World’s Most Famous Clown volume 1 is a 4-disc DVD collection.  It’s recordings of the live action Bozo the Clown show taped in Boston.  It stars Frank Avruch as Bozo, as well as fellow cast members Mr. Lion and Kookie Kangaroo (played by Carol Spinney, later known as Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch), Professor Tweedy Foofer, and others. (more…)


Bozo T-Shirt - image of Bozo (from the Larry Harmon cartoons) with the caption Bozo, the World's Most Famous Clown

Bozo T-shirt Multiple colors available T-shirt, multiple sizes

Bozo the Clown adult costume

Bozo the Clown Adult Costume – at this time, the Bozo the Clown costume is no longer available. Should that change, I’ll update this entry. For the record, you can find (on eBay) sewing plans, if you’re skilled with sewing. But whether making your own or purchasing, it does not include a license for performing! Don’t purchase or make a Bozo the Clown costume and perform in it without permission from Larry Harmon’s estate.


Get Down with the Clown – a music CD starring Larry Harmon’s Bozo the Clown

Get Down With the Clown – Bozo and Pals A wonderful compilation of new songs about Bozo the Clown. They’re in a variety of styles – blues, ballad, parade music, etc. Highly recommended.


The Man Behind the Nose - Larry 'Bozo' Harmon

The Man Behind the Nose – Larry Harmon’s autobiography. Although Larry Harmon was instrumental to the success of Bozo the Clown, I personally think of him in similar terms to P.T. Barnum. A great promoter, who was not above bending the truth in order to tell a riveting story, or in promoting himself or someone else. (more…)

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