Pinto Colvig films (the original Bozo the Clown)

Pinto Colvig films, the original Bozo the Clown

Pinto Colvig films – In addition to being the original Bozo the Clown, Pinto Colvig had a long career in film, providing voices in Sleeping BeautyThe Wizard of Oz, as well as being the voice of Goofy for Walt Disney cartoons, and the voice of Bluto in the Popeye cartoons.


1925 – “Buster Be Good”
1927 – writer, titles, “Better Days”


1930 – “The Chain Gang” (Pluto)
1931 – animator, “The Bandmaster”
1932 – “The Klondike Kid” (Goofy)
– “Touchdown Mickey” (Goofy)
– “The Whoopee Party” (Goofy)
– “Mickey’s Revue” (Dippy Dog, the future Goofy)
– “Barnyard Olympics” (Laugh in Crowd)
1933 – “Three Little Pigs” (Practical Pig), also co-composer of “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?”
– “Ye Olden Days” (Goofy)
– “Mickey’s Mellerdrammer” (Goofy)
1934 – “Servants’ Entrance” (Mustard Pot)
– “Orphan’s Benefit” (Goofy)
– “The Big Bad Wolf” (Practical Wolf)
– “The Grasshopper and the Ants” (Grasshopper)
1935 – “On Ice” (Goofy)
– “Mickey’s Fire Brigade” (Goofy)
– “Mickey’s Service Station” (Goofy)
1936 – “Alpine Climbers” (Pluto)
– “Three Little Wolves” (Practical Pig)
1937 – “Lonesome Ghosts” (Goofy)
– “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (Sleepy, Grumpy)
– “Clock Cleaners” (Goofy)
– “Hawaiian Holiday” (Goofy)
– director, “Mickey’s Amateurs” (Goofy)
– “Moose Hunters” (Goofy)
– “Magician Mickey” (Goofy)
1938 – “The Whalers” (Goofy)
– “The Pygmy Hunt” (Laughing Hyena)
– “The Fox Hunt” (Goofy)
– “Polar Trappers” (Goofy)
– “Mickey’s Trailer” (Goofy)
– “Boat Builders” (Goofy)
– “Boat Builders” (Goofy)
1939 – “Gulliver’s Travels” (Gabby)
– “Jeepers Creepers” (Ghost)
– “The Wizard of Oz” (Munchkin)
– “It’s the Natural Thing to Do” (Bluto)
– “Snowman’s Land” (Little Mountie)
– “Hobo Gadget Band” (Lead Hobo)
– “Ghosks Is the Bunk” (Bluto)
– “Wotta Nitemare” (Bluto)
– “The Practical Pig” (Practical Pig)
– “Customers Wanted” (Bluto)
– “The Lone Stranger and Porky” (Villain’s Horse)


1940 – “Popeye Presents Eugene, the Jeep” (Delivery Man)
– “The Constable” (Gabby)
– “King for a Day” (Gabby)
– “Fightin Pals” (Bluto)
– “Nurse-Mates” (Bluto)
– “Onion Pacific” (Bluto)
– “Billposters” (Goofy)
– “Tugboat Mickey” (Goofy)
– “Me Fellins Is Hurt” (Bluto)
– “Females Is Fickle” (Jellyfish)
– “Busy Bakers” (Baker)
– “Shakespearean Spinach” (Bluto)
1941 – “It’s A Hap-Hap-Happy Day” (Gabby)
– “Gabby Goes Fishing” (Gabby)
– “Fire Cheese” (Gabby)
– “Canine Caddy” (Pluto, the Gopher)
– “Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy” (Camel)
– “Swing Cleaning” (Gabby)
– “Two for the Zoo” (Gabby), also writer
– “All’s Well” (Gabby)
1942 – “Ding Dog Daddy” (Dog)
– “Blitz Wolf” (Bricks Pig)
– “The Army Mascot” (Pluto)
– “Symphony Hour” (Goofy)
– “Conrad the Sailor” (Conrad Cat)
– “Aloha Hooey” (Cecil Crow)
– writer, “The Raven”
– “Hoppity goes to Town” (Mr. Creeper)
1943 – “Hop and Go” (Claude Hopper)
– “Pluto and the Armadillo” (Pluto)
– “Saludos Amigos” (Goofy)
1944 – “The Three Caballeros” (Aracuan Bird)
1945 – “Hockey Homicide” (Goofy)
– “No Sail” (Goofy)
– “Swing Shift Cinderella” (Wolf)
– “Californy ‘er Bust” (Goofy)
– “African Diary” (Goofy)
– “Tiger Trouble” (Goofy)
1946 – “Frank Duck Brings ’em Back Alive” (Goofy)
– “Make Mine Music” (animal sounds)
1947 – “Foul Hunting” (Goofy)
– “Mickey and the Beanstalk” (Goofy)
– “Variety Girl”
– “Crazy with the Heat” (Goofy)
– “Clown of the Jungle” (Aracuan Bird)
1948 – “Melody Time” (Aracuan Bird)
– “Bill and Coo” (Singer)
– “The Big Wash” (Goofy)
– “They’re Off” (Goofy)
1949 – “Goofy Gymnastics” (Goofy)
– “Little Rural Riding Hood” (Country Wolf)
– “Tennis Racquet” (Goofy)
– “Pueblo Pluto” (Pluto)


1951 – “Tomorrow We Diet!” (Goofy)
1952 – “How to Be a Detective” (Goofy)
– “Pluto’s Christmas Tree” (Goofy, Pluto)
– “Two Weeks Vacation” (Goofy)
– “Teachers Are People” (Goofy)
– “Two Gun Goofy” (Goofy)
– “Man’s Best Friend” (Goofy)
– “Hello Aloha” (Goofy)
– “Father’s Lion” (Goofy)
1953 – “How to Sleep” (Goofy)
– “How to Dance” (Goofy)
– “Father’s Week-end” (Goofy)
– “For Whom the Bulls Toils” (Goofy)
– “Father’s Day Off” (Goofy)
1956 – “Popeye” (Bluto)
1958 – “The Yogi Bear Show” (Chopper)
1959 – Sleeping Beauty (Maleficent’s goon)
1959-1962 – “Matty’s Funday Funnies” TV series (aka. “Beany and Cecil”, also writer)


1961 – Aquamania (Goofy)
1965 – voice work on “Tom & Jerry” TV series
– Goofy’s Freeway Troubles (Goofy)
– Freewayphobia (Goofy)
– The Man from Button Willow

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