I Love Lucy

The Gossip - I Love Lucy - Lucy and Ethel exchanging gossip

The Gossip – I Love Lucy

The Gossip – I Love Lucy episode 24, originally aired 3/24/1952

Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) and Fred Mertz (William Frawley) have finally gotten sick and tired of their wives’ non-stop gossiping — and complain to them about it.  This leads to a hilarious routine, as Lucy is dying to tell some juicy gossip, but has promised Ricky that she won’t gossip — and so she pantomimes it! The girls — Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) and Ethel Mertz (Vivian Vance) counter that the boys are just as big gossips, but that men call it something different.

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I Love Lucy - Ricky Minds the Baby - Ricky tells Little Ricky a bedtime story, Red Riding Hood

Ricky minds the baby – season 3 of I Love Lucy

Ricky Minds the Baby – I Love Lucy season 3, episode 80, originally aired January 18, 1954

Ricky Minds the Baby is a very funny, and very good episode of I Love Lucy.  With Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) having the week off from work, Lucy (Lucille Ball) drops several ‘subtle’ hints that he should spend some time with his son, Little Ricky.  Ricky surprises her by agreeing, and when it’s time for Little Ricky to be put to bed, Ricky tucks him in and tells an absolutely hilarious bilingual version of Little Red Riding Hood — the highlight of the episode.  Due to Lucy’s skill as a very skilled clown, people tend to underestimate Desi Arnaz’ comedy skills.  But as he proves here, he’s a very gifted comedian and clown in his own right.

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Lucy Meets the Queen - Lucy as a circus pony performing for the Queen of England

Lucy Meets the Queen

Lucy Meets the Queen – I Love Lucy season 5

Lucy Meets the Queen - Lucy tries to make a palace guard smile

In Lucy Meets the Queen the Ricardos and the Mertzes arrive in London, where Lucy wants to see the Queen of England. After a funny moment when trying to understand English currency, Lucy and Ethel go to the palace in hopes of seeing the Queen — and after struggling to understand English as spoken by an Englishman, Lucy tries to make one of the palace guards smile; she fails, but due to the distraction she manages to miss seeing the Queen!

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Pioneer Women - Lucy and Ethel

Pioneer Women

Pioneer Women – I Love Lucy episode 25, originally aired 3/31/1952

Pioneer Women - Fred and Ricky

Pioneer Women begins with Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) and her best friend Ethel Mertz (Vivian Vance) in the kitchen doing dishes. They’re talking about their application to a high-society group, the Society Matron’s League. And that leads them to talking about their dishpan hands, and the thousands of dishes that they’ve washed since they’ve been married.

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The Operetta - I Love Lucy - close up of Lucy as the Gypsy Queen

The Operetta

The Operetta – I Love Lucy episode 38, season 2, originally aired 10/13/1952

The Operetta - Lucy as the Gypsy Queen

One of the best loved, best known and most popular of all of the I Love Lucy series.  It has resulted in everything from Barbie Dolls to signs, posters, costumes, etc.  The basic story is that Lucy has run the finances of her woman’s club the same way that she runs the family finances — needless to say, the club is bankrupt.  And, the club wants to put on a play, complete with rented costumes.  Which they can’t afford, thanks to Lucy’s financial mismanagement.  What to do?

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Mertz and Kurtz - I Love Lucy - By the Beautiful Seas

Mertz and Kurtz

Mertz and KurtzI Love Lucy season 4, episode 102, originally aired October 11, 1954

Mertz and Kurtz is an unusual episode that’s centered on Fred and Ethel Mertz, Fred’s old vaudeville partner, Barney Kurtz, is coming to pay a visit as part of his current tour.  Fred Mertz (William Frawley) feels insecure, since Barney has stayed in show business and is returning from a tour of Europe, where he’s had a command performance before royalty.  Whereas Fred’s only a landlord.  Ethel Mertz (Vivian Vance) is borrowing various items from Lucy to impress Barney, and comes upon the idea of having Lucy pretend to be the Mertzes’ maid during the meal.  Lucy originally balks, but finally complies, only to act more as a dinner guest during the meal.  Fred and Barney do some of their old vaudeville routines, until Ricky shows up unexpectedly, and lets the cat out of the bag that Lucy isn’t their maid.

Barney confesses that he, too, has been ‘exaggerating’ his accomplishments.  He hasn’t returned from a European tour.  The truth is, he’s a cook at a diner!

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Lucy as the spokeswoman for Vitameatavegamin - "And it's so tasty, too!"

Lucy Does a TV Commercial

Lucy Does a TV Commercial – I Love Lucy episode 30, originally aired 5/5/1952

Most people think of Lucy Does a TV Commercial as the Vitameatavegamin episode. In this episode, Ricky is hosting a big TV show, and naturally enough Lucy wants to be part of the show.  Also naturally enough, Ricky says no.  Lucy schemes her way onto the show as part of a commercial, playing the Vitameatavegamin girl, spokeswoman for a health tonic that contains vitamins, meat, vegetables,  minerals — and 23% alcohol.

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Lucy Plays Cupid - Edward Everett Horton and Lucille Ball

Lucy Plays Cupid – I Love Lucy

Lucy Plays Cupid – I Love Lucy episode 15, originally aired 1/21/1952

Lucy Plays Cupid - Lucille Ball and Bea Benaderet

Miss Lewis (Bea Benaderet), Ricky and Lucy‘s spinster neighbor, is interested in Mr. Ritter (Edward Everett Horton), but is too shy to tell him so.  Despite being warned by Ricky not to get involved, Lucy decides to play matchmaker.  Unfortunately, Mr. Ritter misunderstands and thinks that it’s Lucy that is interested in him.

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Little Ricky Gets Stage Fright - Lucy tries to get Little Ricky interested in playing the drums again

Little Ricky Gets Stage Fright

Little Ricky Gets Stage FrightI Love Lucy season 6, episode 157, originally aired October 22, 1956

Little Ricky Gets Stage Fright is a very sweet episode of I Love Lucy, where Little Ricky Ricardo (Keith Thibodeaux) is going to put his drum skills to use before a live audience.  It’s very funny to see how nervous the adults are, and how calm Little Ricky is … until he ‘catches’ their nervousness, and is unable to play the drums.  Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) is insistent that he needs to ‘€˜get back on the horse’, and it’s a moment both funny and touching as Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) tries to explain to Little Ricky, using the boy’s toys to illustrate, how he needs to play the drums – €”to not be afraid.

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Ethel's Birthday - Ethel Mertz and Lucy Ricardo at the theater

Ethel’s Birthday

Ethel’s Birthday, from I Love Lucy season 4, originally aired November 29, 1954

As Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz are dropping hints about Ethel’s upcoming birthday, Ricky Ricardo misunderstands. He thinks that he’s forgotten Lucy’s birthday! To add insult to injury, he brings out a birthday present for Lucy … Which he has hidden away for just such an emergency! Lucy’s birthday is month’s away, however, and Lucy milks Ricky’s embarrassment for all its’ worth.

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