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Barbie Collector: Barbie as Lucy #38 – The Operetta

Barbie doll as Lucy Ricardo in The Operetta

Now, you can commemorate one of Lucy’s zaniest ideas with a collectible I Love Lucy” Barbie(R) doll. Laugh until your sides split with this fantastic I Love Lucy(R) Barbie(R) doll from Mattel. This collectible Barbie(R) doll is outfitted in a brightly-colored skirt, peasant blouse and costume jewelry – and has a tambourine in her hand!

I Love Lucy has been charming television viewers since 1951 with 172 hilarious episodes. Lucille Ball‘s all-time favorite I Love Lucy episode… The Operetta – has wacky Lucy Ricardo borrowing money from her woman’s club treasury. Then the group needs the money to stage an operetta! To save the $100 royalty fee, Lucy writes her own musical about Lily of the Valley (Ethel) and Prince Lancelot (Ricky) whose love is thwarted by the gypsy queen, Camille (Lucy). Lucy rents costumes and scenery using a postdated check, assuming the money to cover the expenses will be available in the club account after the show! Naturally, the production is “interrupted” by moving men repossessing the sets and costumes and Lucy is carried off stage, singing and slapping her tambourine.    


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