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Annabel Takes a Tour

Annabel Takes a Tour (1938) starring Lucille Ball, Jackie Oakie

In Annabel Takes a Tour, Lucille Ball plays the title role of Annabel Allison, a movie starlet who’s going on a publicity tour where her publicity agent Lannie Morgan, played by Jackie Oakie, keeps getting her into trouble; along the way she finds herself falling in love with a romance novel author, unaware that he’s already married.

Annabel Takes a Tour - Jackie Oakley, Lucille Ball

It’s actually a funny movie, with Lucy playing a ham actress, and Jackie playing a very … creative … publicity agent, who keeps getting her into trouble solely for the publicity value of it.  His character is quite clever, and one of the best bits is the recurring interactions between him and the grumpy conductor, who he keeps fooling into signaling the train that they’re traveling on to leave prematurely.

Funny movie quotes from Annabel Takes a Tour

Annabel Allison (Lucille Ball): Lannie Morgan would know what to do about it!
Howard Webb: Don’t you mention Lannie Morgan!  He’s asthma to me.
Annabel Allison (Lucille Ball): Anathema!
Howard Webb: All right, asthma, anathema, poison, it all spells Lannie Morgan!

Secretary: What asylum paroled you?

Conductor: I hate the movies! Even Mickey Mouse!

Josephine: Annabel’s fallen in love!
Howard Webb: She can’t do that. It’s not in her contract.


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