Joker Tube, aka. Strat-O-Sphere

Strat-O-Sphere – The Joker Tube – Magic Trick with “How To” Instructions

The Joker Tube Pro Model (aka. the Strat-O-Sphere magic prop) is one of the classics of magic and lends itself to clowning very well.   The first time I ever saw it in use was when Jeff McMullen was using it at a library show, where he was using the colored balls to show the children the classic lesson about traffic lights, where the “lights” kept changing locations, only for one of them to disappear unexpectedly.   It was very funny and very clownish-€if you use magic in your clowning, you might well want to look into a Strat-o-sphere, since it packs small and plays big, and can be used in a variety of ways.

Product description for The Joker Tube, aka. Strat-O-Sphere

Joker Tube, aka. Strat-O-SphereThree balls are placed into the empty clear tube with cover of the white tube. The white tube is removed and the balls have changed order! The balls are removed and then placed back into the clear tube with the cover of the white tube. The last ball is placed in the box. The box is opened and the ball has vanished! The missing ball has reappeared in the clear tube! An Essential Item For Kid Magicians and Clowns! There are many incredible effects you can do with this item! The tube and balls can be used as a stand alone magic show! The Grams-Gung-Ho Vanish Box is designed to vanish more than just a ball! You will quickly find that the “Joker Tube” has endless possibilities! This product is similar to the STRAT-O-SPHERE.

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