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Lota Vase

Lota vase – clown magic prop

The Lota Vase is one of my favorite props, although it’s not one that I use on a regular basis.  In a nutshell, it’s a specially constructed metal vase that is filled with water (or some other liquid), emptied out, and can then be emptied again, and again, and again.  It’s well-made (mine has lasted nearly 10 years so far), and versatile.  It can be used in any skit or routine where you use or need water.  I recommend that you don’t use the Lota vase as it’s own trick.  Instead, use it as part of a larger routine.

For example, I used it once in a Children’s Church routine where I emptied the vase’s water into a transparent glass, where I took a drink from.  A moment later, I again emptied the vase into another glass, and gave it to an assistant.  Another moment later, I emptied it yet again, and gave the glass to someone else.  At this point, the children’s eyes were as big as saucers, and one of them mentioned how the Lota vase ‘never’ ran out of water!  This gave me a perfect opening to talk about the inexhaustible love of God, the point of the entire routine.  Please note how much more effective it was to have the children point out the ‘magic’, instead of my pointing it out to them.

Anywhere that you’re going to use water in a routine, feel free to use the Lota vase.  It adds a touch of magic to your performance, and after all, clowns are supposed to be magical creatures who have magic happening all of the time.

Product Description of Water of India (Lota Vase) Magic Trick by Uday

  • If you’re looking for a classy piece of apparatus that has terrific appeal, this is it!
  • You display a beautiful silver color vase, which can have flowers in it beforehand.
  • Remove the flowers, and pour all the water out of it.
  • You then present another trick.
  • When you come back to the vase, somehow it is again filled mysteriously with water, so you again empty it into a bucket (use your own).
  • This is continually repeated throughout your show.
  • At the end, you can attempt to pour all the water back into the vase, but it overflows because it will not fit back in!
  • Yes – all the water does come from the vase itself.
  • Very mystifying!
  • NO attachments of any kind to your body or to anything else.
  • We supply specially made vase, completely self-working.
  • And, if you’re wondering where the name of this trick came from…
  • It is called A-Lotta Vase because it holds a lotta water!
  • It measures approx 7.5 high x 6 wide at the widest point
  • Instructions included.

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