Thumb tip – clown magic prop

Thumb tip – clown magic prop

One item that many magicians find indispensable is the thumb tip.  In a nutshell, it is a false thumb that the magician wears over his real thumb – since it’s hollow, it has room for a small ‘payload’ of some sort.  What kind of payload?  That depends on the magic trick—it can be a thread, a ribbon, salt, etc.  But is it appropriate for a clown to use?

It depends on the individual clown, of course.  Unlike many other clown props, it will take more than a little time and practice to learn to use the thumb tip properly.  The performer must be aware of the angles – viewed from the side (or with your thumb sticking out) it looks very odd.  However, if the performer is willing to invest the time to practice, it can be a very useful tool.

If I can share some advice — practice with it in front of a mirror.  See what it looks like from the audience’s perspective and multiple angles.  It may work for your character, or it may not.  If it does, that’s fine.  If it doesn’t, that’s also fine.  There’s something else that will. 🙂

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