With Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving, a clown skit for 1 or 2 speaking clowns, by Steve Conley

(originally posted to the Clown Ministry group at http://groups.yahoo.com)

Narrator: Thanksgiving. A day in America to offer our thanks. Family gatherings and holiday meals. Turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie with whip cream. Indian corn, holiday parades with giant hot air balloons.

(Clown rubs his tummy to show how hungry he is)

Narrator: Thanksgiving might I say is truly an American holiday.

(Clown picks up a flag and waves it)

Narrator: Plates are full and soon become empty. Thanksgiving, a festival of plenty.

(Clown holds up a basket of food)

Narrator: A time of year some like to say, could be weighed as a harvest holiday.

(Clown brings out a shovel and acts as if he is digging (harvesting)

Narrator: Why forget, it’s easy remembered. The last Thursday in November.

(Clown holds up a calendar and checks off the 28th)

Narrator: Children in America wake up to say. Yahoo it’s Turkey day.

(Clown jumps up in excitement)

Narrator: Some like the day for rest and relaxation. To them it’s a sports celebration.

(Clown acts as if he is throwing a football)

Narrator: Around the table we take our place, bow our heads, and offer up grace.

(Clown bows his head to say grace)

Narrator: God loves us all so very much. We are blessed with a holiday, a festival of plenty. Turkey day. A celebration, a time to say thank you. During this time we must always remember that God gave His Son , for you, for me, sinners. He is the way I can enter Your gates with thanksgiving. It is by His truth I can offer praise in Your courts. It is through His life that I can give thanks, and praise Your name.

(Clown builds a cross, bows, and offers up praise)

Copyright © 2002 by Steve Conley. Performance rights only.

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