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Barbie as Lucy From I Love Lucy Sales Resistance Episode 45

Product description

Barbie as Lucy Ricardo / Lucille Ball in the I Love Lucy episode, Sales Resistance

Lucy’s always getting herself into trouble, and the episode this collector Barbie celebrates is no different. Originally broadcast in 1953, “Sales Resistance” begins with the fiery-haired heroine impulsively buying a vacuum from the Handy Dandy Salesman, much to Ricky’s dismay. After lecturing Lucy about resisting slick sales pitches, Ricky says he’ll return her impulse buy, only to be swindled himself into buying a Handy Dandy refrigerator! Despite the messy situation, Lucy looks crisp and cool in her navy and white polka dot dress with a white starched collar, white apron edged with rickrack, black flats and a white ribbon in her signature red hair. Imported. 12H”.


Computer nerd by day, professional clown on evenings and weekends (Raynbow), who combines the two by maintaining a bunch of websites dedicated to the history and performances of clowning, such as Free Clown Skits, and comedy such as Best Clean Funny Jokes.

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