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The Billion Dollar Hobo

The Billion Dollar Hobo (1977) starring Tim Conway, Will Geer

Synopsis of The Billion Dollar Hobo

In The Billion Dollar Hobo, a helpless klutz bumbles his way through a disaster-filled life. Suddenly he is informed that he is the only living relative of a multimillionaire. In order to take over his wealth, he has to become a hobo.

Editorial review of The Billion Dollar Hobo courtesy of Amazon.com

Funnyman Tim Conway (“The Carol Burnett Show“) stumbles and bumbles through one misstep after another on his way to collecting a billion-dollar fortune in this lovable family comedy that co-stars Will Geer (“The Waltons“). Funny, outrageous and packed with adventure, it’s a racing locomotive of laughs! Vernon Praiseworthy (Conway) is a helpless klutz who can’t hold a job. But his luck suddenly changes when he discovers he’s the only living relative of a billionaire (Geer) and will inherit the family fortune if he can prove his worth by crossing the country as a hobo. Sounds easy enough, until Vernon takes the wrong train and lands in the middle of a kooky canine kidnap caper that could derail his dreams and put him and his pooch in the pokey!


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