A new character for Ellen - Goofy Grape, a new auguste that worked her way to the surface. Note the professional clown make up, designed by Jim Howle
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Beauty Makeover

Beauty Makeover – an original skit for 2 speaking clowns

A ‘fun’ skit by Cheri Burton and Goofy Grape (an auguste) that they have performed at several nursing homes.
(setup: requires 2 clowns, one not in makeup, wearing a robe or trench coat to cover her costume, as well as wearing a shower cap and glasses, holding a cane. A small table needs to be set up in the middle of the stage, with a chair.)
Goofy Grape: (enters, carrying a sign that reads ‘Free Beauty Makeover — turns and addresses audience) I’m going to do a beauty makeover today! (puts down sign, scans audience) Nobody here needs a makeover! I’ll go get my stuff … if anybody comes by who needs a makeover, tell them that I’ll be right back! (exits)
Cheri: (enters using a cane, wearing a robe and shower cap — walks around, sees sign) A free makeover! Boy, do I ever need that! (sits in chair, facing the audience, so that Goofy Grape can walk up behind her)
Goofy Grape: (coming from behind Cheri) Are you here for the makeover? (alternate: My first victim! I mean, how can I help you?)
Cheri: Oh my, yes! I need a makeover!
Goofy Grape: (reaching from behind, removes Cheri’s glasses, takes her cane and sets it aside, puts beautician’s cape on the front of Cheri and removing Cheri’s robe) I’m so glad you’re here for the makeover! We’re going to have so much fun! (aside to the audience – ‘This is my first makeover’) I do hope you’ll like it — (walks in front of Cheri, to the side, so the audience can see Cheri’s face) Do you want to look like me?
Cheri: (squints, blinks, mimes blindness) I can’t see a thing without my glasses!
Goofy Grape: What’s your favorite color?
Cheri: Purple!
Goofy Grape: Good! It’ll be perfect for eye shadow. (at this point, Goofy Grape starts applying clown makeup to Cheri’s face — she does not apply a base white or auguste, simply for the sake of time — starts applying purple eyebrows, rouge, red ‘clown’ lips, etc. as she speaks) Oh, and we’ll add just a little bit of rouge to your cheeks (making very large ‘Raggedy Ann’ style circles), just a touch of lipstick (does a red clown mouth), etc.
Cheri: I can’t wait to see how it turns out!
Goofy Grape: Okay, we’re done! How do you like it? (hands Cheri back her glasses)
Cheri: Let me see! (picks up mirror, looks, sees her clown reflection) There’s something in the mirror (breathes on mirror, wipes it on sleeve, looks again) nope, it’s still there…
Goofy Grape: It’s you!
Cheri: (stands up, removes her beautician’s cape and shower cap, revealing her clown costume as well as wig) I love it! (exits)
An alternative ending would be to have Cheri chase Goofy Grape off-stage.


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