The skit starts with one clown coming on stage, complaining to the audience that everyone else is blessed by God, but not him.As he whines, different people come by and bless him with different things that he’s complaining about—for example, he’s cold, and someone brings him a blanket, he’s hungry and someone brings him a sandwich, his leg hurts and he’s given a chair/stool, etc.—and at the end, he turns to the audience and still complains, “Why doesn’t God ever bless me?”

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What do you have in the bag? a free clown skit for 2 speaking clowns – original by Raynbow the Clown - and a chicken puppet!

What do you have in the bag?

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Counting the Cards - a clown skit for speaking or more speaking clowns - with one clown interrupting the other ... again ... and again!

Counting the Cards

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