David - a clownish retelling of David and Goliath - This script is courtesy of Clowns for Christ
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David – a clownish retelling of David and Goliath

David – a clownish retelling of David and Goliath – This script is courtesy of Clowns for Christ

Characters: Narrator, Stage Hand, David (a small child or baby), Helper (helps David, preferably David’s real mother), Sheep/soldiers (2 people, each playing a sheep and then a soldier), Father/King (same person can play both), Goliath (biggest person in group, perhaps wearing stilts)
Props: 2 sheep masks, a musical instrument, bag of “supplies,” crown, “Dad” hat (if Dad and King are the same person), toy swords, 3 sets of cardboard armor, 2 magazines
Narrator: Once, a long, time ago, there was a young man named David… (Stage Hand runs up to Narrator in a panic)
Stage Hand: (in a stage whisper) David is not here!
Narrator: What do you mean, he’s not here?
Stage Hand: He’s not here. I think he’s grounded or something.
Narrator: What are we going to do?
Stage Hand: I have an idea. I’ve got you covered. Don’t worry, just keep going. (Stage Hand runs off and whispers to other clowns)
Narrator: Once, a long, time ago, there was a young man named David.
(Enter David and Helper)
Narrator: Uh, our David, of course, is very young. When David was very little, a great prophet named Samuel came to his house and told him that someday, David would be the king. Everyone thought that was kind of funny because they already had a king, and David was just a kid. Anyway, David’s job was to take care of his daddy’s sheep, and he did a great job. (Sheep come out and David pets them) After a while, David became kind of famous. Not because God called him, but because he was a great singer, and he played wonderful music. (Helper helps David make music on violin or guitar or something. Sheep hum) David even spent some time playing and singing for the king. (Sheep leave and King enters) Then one day there was a big war, and three of David’s big brothers went away to fight. So David was back to taking care of the sheep. (King leaves and Sheep run back to David) But then one day, David’s father asked him to bring some supplies to his brothers. (Father comes out with a bag of stuff and shows the items in the bag to David, one by one. The narrator reads off items as Father shows them: deodorant, peanut butter, cookies, toilet paper, rubber chicken, etc.) Well, David walked all the way to the battlefield and was surprised to find that there was no fighting going on. (Soldiers march out but drop their swords and pick up magazines and start to read. David looks surprised) Well, when David asked what was going on . . .
David (or Helper behind David): What’s going on?
Narrator: The soldiers said, “See for yourself!”
Soldiers: See for yourself.
Narrator: Well, David saw this big, giant man walking back and forth and shouting … (everyone looks off expectantly, but nothing happens) … I said a giant!!! (Goliath appears) Every day, this giant would appear and dare any soldier to fight him.
Goliath: I dare any soldier to fight me!
Narrator: The giant’s name was Goliath, and he said, “I am a Philistine, and you are the servants of your king Saul. I want you to choose one man, your biggest, meanest man, and then have him come fight me. If he wins, then my people will be your servants, but if he loses, then all you Israelites will be our servants. Ha, Ha, Ha!
Goliath: I am a Philistine and . . . umm, what she said! (points to Narrator)
Narrator: Well, none of the soldiers wanted to fight with Goliath, because he was so big and scary. Well, David was young … OK, so he wasn’t as young as this David, but he was young. He knew that God would help anyone who asked Him, and he knew that the Israelites were God’s people. So he said that if no one else would fight the giant, he would.
David (or Helper behind David): If no one else will fight that giant, I will.
Narrator: Well the king tried to give him some armor, but it was too big.
(King comes back and tries to put a piece of armor or a helmet on David)
King: It’s too big.
Narrator: Well, David pulled his sling out, and said, “I can take care of the giant with only this, because God is with me.”
(David gets sling out of bag)
David (or Helper behind David): I can take care of this giant with only this, because God is with me!
Narrator: Well, I bet you guys know what happened next. David took his little sling and he went to face Goliath (all but David, Helper and Goliath leave), and David used that sling and knocked that giant down. (David uses slingshot and hits Goliath, who dies dramatically). Now you see the lady who was helping and guiding our David? (Helper waves) Well, she was helping him, but the real David had someone else helping and guiding him. He had God. Well, because God helped, David won. He was a hero. Later, he did become king, but not until he had a few more adventures. God will help anyone, even the littlest clown. That means God would help you too, just ask!


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