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The Breastplate of Righteousness

The Breastplate of Righteousness

by Steve Conley (originally posted to the Clown Ministry group at http://groups.yahoo.com)

Clown walks in reading the Bible…..

(Bible should be made out of foam core and hollow on the inside to store the props.)

Clown says out loud…

Clown1: The “best” plate of righteousness? Ah, the best plate of righteousness! (clown pulls out of the bible a big plate with the word BEST (stick on letters) on it)

Clown1: See. The BEST plate of righteousness.

(Clown 2 walks on the stage)

Clown2: Hey clown whatcha got there?

Clown Armor of God – a clown skit for 2 speaking clowns, illustrating the Armor of God – An original skit by Raynbow D Clown, based (loosely) on Ephesians 6Clown1: I was reading the Bible and in Ephesians 6:14 it talks about having on the best plate of righteousness.

Clown2: No silly that’s not what it says. It says “Breast” plate not “best” plate.

Clown1: Oh, I see.

(Clown1 looks into the Bible and pulls out a rubber chicken and places it on the plate.)

Clown1: There you have it. The breastplate of righteousness!

Clown2: What is that?

Clown1: What’s it look like?

Clown2: A dead chicken on a plate.

Clown1: What’s below the head and above feet?

Clown2: Neck and knees!

Clown1: No, I mean yes, but what is below the neck and above the knees?

Clown2: Wings!

Clown1: NO! Let me rephrase this! What is below the neck above the knees and betwixt the wings?

Clown2: Oh, it’s the breast!

Clown1: Yes! There you have it! The breastplate of righteousness!

Clown2: No, That’s not what it means! Read it again.

Clown1: OK, The breastplate of righteous NEST! Oh, I get it!

(C1 pulls out a birds nest)

Clown1: There you have it a righteous NEST! Have you ever seen a righteous bird?

Clown2: No I haven’t.

Clown1: Oh it’s a beautiful bird!

Clown2: Really? Tell me about it.

Clown1: Well it’s, you know…. righteous.

Clown2: That’s not what it says.

Clown1: It’s not?

Clown2: No. Let me see the Bible, please.

(Clown 1 hands the Bible to Clown 2)

Clown1: It says, the breastplate of righteousness.

Clown2: Yes that is what I said.

Clown1: Do you know what that means?

Clown2: Well, no. I thought I did. Do you know?

Clown2: Yes, it means that when we accept Jesus into our hearts we clothe ourselves with His righteousness. we are justified and made righteous in God’s eyes because of our faith in His Son Jesus.

Clown1: I see it’s getting a little clearer now.

Clown2: Look, Paul bases this passage on the battle gear of the Roman soldier of his time, who would be visible daily walking about the streets and walls of all the cities of the Roman empire. Paul includes each major piece in the Roman soldier’s equipment in his description of the armor of God. One of those was the breastplate like this.

(Clown 2 pulls out a breastplate) (We got our from a party store called Party City)

Clown2: Wow that is pretty impressive.

Clown1: Yes it is. Wait I have more.

(Clown 2 pulls out a balloon (260) and blows it up and shapes it into a sword)

Clown2: Now lets pretend that this is a real sword.

Clown1: OK.

Clown2: If you had no armor on I could take this sword and stab you with it. Right?

Clown1: Yes that would be very bad.

Clown2: So let’s pretend that you are clothed with the breastplate of righteousness.

Clown1: OK.

Clown2: The breastplate of righteousness surrounds your heart. In this way it safeguards your spiritual life. It helps the vibrancy of your heart’s connection with God. It does this by shielding your heart from the devil’s accusations.

(Clown 2 stabs Clown 1 with the balloon sword and it pops) (You do this by…. Clown 2 had a tack taped to their finger)

Clown1: Hey that is really cool.

Clown2: Clown, do you have on your breastplate of righteousness?

Clown1: I’m not sure. How do I know.

Clown2: By asking God to forgive you of your sins and believing that Jesus died for your sins and rose again.

Clown1: Wow, could you tell me more?

Clown2: Sure.

(Clowns exit)

Armor of God:

  • Belt of TRUTH – God – Deut. 4:39; Psalm 23:1; 18:1-3
  • Breastplate of RIGHTEOUSNESS – Your personal righteousness – Psalm 100:3; Rom. 3:23-24, 6:23; Gal. 2:20-21; Phil. 3:8-10.
  • Sandals of PEACE – Inner peace and readiness – Rom. 5:1; Eph. 2:14; John 14:27, 16:33, 20:21.
  • Shield of FAITH – Living by faith – Rom. 4:18-21; Heb. 11:1; 1 Pet. 1:6-7
  • Helmet of SALVATION – Salvation through Christ today and forever – Each day: Ps. 16, 23; Heb. 1:3-6 For eternity: 2 Cor. 4:16-18; 1 Thess. 4:17; 1 John 3:1-3
  • Sword of the spirit GOD’S WORD – God’s Word countering spiritual deception and accusations Heb. 4:12; Matt. 4:2-11; 1 Pet. 3:15; Ps. 119:110-112


Computer nerd by day, professional clown on evenings and weekends (Raynbow), who combines the two by maintaining a bunch of websites dedicated to the history and performances of clowning, such as Free Clown Skits, and comedy such as Best Clean Funny Jokes.

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