Barry Lubin

Black and white photo of "Grandma the Clown's" face

Grandma the Clown photo gallery

Grandma photo gallery – photos of Barry Lubin as “Grandma the clown,” famous for his time with the Big Apple Circus

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Tall Tales of a Short Clown, by Barry Lubin

Tall Tales of a Short Clown

Editorial review of Tall Tales of a Short Clown, courtesy of Tall Tales of a Short Clown is the story of Barry Lubin, whose alter ego, Grandma, became one of the most successful clowns in American history, and was named “The World’s Funniest Grandma” in Germany. Barry has entertained well over a hundred million […]

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Barry Lubin as Grandma the Clown

Barry Lubin – Grandma

Biography of Barry Lubin – “Grandma” (July 3, 1952 – ) A member of the 1974 class of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, he performed for 5 years with the Greatest Show on Earth. He also performed at the prestigious International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo in 1977. Since 1982, Barry has […]

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