Emmett Kelly

The Clown and the Kids, starring Emmett Kelly Sr.

The Clown and the Kids

The Clown and the Kids (1968), starring Emmett Kelly Sr.

In short, The Clown and the Kids is strictly a movie for children, starring the great tramp clown, Emmett Kelly Sr.  It has him as the head of a small family circus, traveling through Europe.  In fact, most of the cast has their words dubbed.  It was filmed on location in Bulgaria.  The plot has their circus coming to a town called Scraggsville – that wants no performance.  Or laughter.  Where the children aren’t allowed to play.  Why?  Because the man who owns the town hates it. (more…)

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Signature of Emmett Kelly

Emmett Kelly photo gallery

Photo Gallery of Emmett Kelly, the world famous tramp clown, Weary Willie (more…)

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Emmett Kelly - greatest clown on Earth book

Emmett Kelly: The Greatest Clown on Earth

Emmett Kelly: The Greatest Clown on Earth (Notable Missourians)

Buy from Amazon.comIn the early 1900s, the circus was one of the most popular forms of entertainment in America, and one of the most popular circus acts was the clown. White-faced clowns in bright costumes made adults and children laugh with their silly antics. When the Great Depression caused many Americans to lose their jobs, Emmett Kelly decided to be a different type of clown a sad-faced clown who reminded people of their struggles, but still made them laugh. (more…)

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Emmett Kelly as Weary Willie

Clown, by Emmett Kelly

book review of  Clown, Autobiography of Emmett Kelly

Buy from Amazon.com  Clown, Emmett Kelly‘s autobiography (written with the help of F. Beverly Kelly) is a very warm, friendly biography of the famous tramp circus clown.   It is told in a very homespun style, as though Emmett Kelly was sitting across the dining room table, and telling you the story of his life.   He begins with the story of his family, his father –  working for the railroad and saving up enough money on his meager salary to make a down payment on a farm, and the family’s moving there. (more…)

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30" Emmett Kelly Jr. Ventriloquist Doll with Tote Bag and Instruction Booklet

30′ Emmett Kelly Jr. ventriloquist doll

Buy from Amazon.com  30″ Emmett Kelly Jr. ventriloquist doll

30" Emmett Kelly Jr. Ventriloquist Doll with Tote Bag and Instruction BookletEmmett Kelly Jr. displayed a brilliant talent for using body language to convey emotion to his audience and he entertained millions with his perpetual, “sad clown” expression. One of the most recognizable clowns in the world, Kelly is best remembered for his “sweeping the spotlight” routine. His tattered clothing a signature part of his act, Emmett is wearing a bright, multicolor coat with images of happy clowns, blue elephants, and neon orange and green balls decorating a field of muted violet. Emmett’s face also features heavy beard growth and a painted red nose. Emmett is wearing roughed-up blue jeans, black hobo shoes, and a molded short-brimmed and moth-damaged hat that is a bit past second hand. (more…)

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Emmett Kelly as Weary Willie, painting by Jim Howle

Long-lasting smile – a story about Emmett Kelly Sr.

A Long-Lasting Smile – a story about Emmett Kelly Sr.

Shortly after World War II, when I was 9 or 10, my parents took me to the Ringling Brothers Circus. I loved the circus, especially the clowns. There was one clown that I knew by name.

Everyone did: Emmett Kelly.

We had some of the best seats, right on the edge of the Ring Road where the performers staged their grand entrance. As the Ringmaster introduced the performers, they stepped into the parade and greeted the audience. (more…)

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Emmett Kelly Museum – Largest Gathering of Clowns world record attempt – 2007

Emmett Kelly Museum – Largest Gathering of Clowns world record attempt – 2007

The Emmett Kelly Museum board of directors announce they will sponsor the museum’s 40th Anniversary Celebration and Largest Gathering of Clowns, world record attempt. The celebration events to take place June 18 – 23, 2007 in Sedan, Kansas, the birth town of Emmett Kelly Sr., the world famous Circus clown.

Although in the planning stages, preparations are being made to hold a week long of clown related activities for adults and children, including a Clown School, ending with the “Largest Clown Gathering”, Guinness world record attempt and parade, June 23, 2007. The museum is seeking sponsors for various related activities and donations from corporate and private donors.

Special invitations have been sent to numerous Clown Associations, Clown Schools, Clowns and Circuses, to participate and march in the *Largest Gathering of Clowns Guinness World Record attempt. *(Based on the record of largest gathering of clowns in 1991, at Bognor Regis, West Sussex, UK, where 850 clowns, including 430 from North America.)

About the Emmett Kelly Museum:

The Emmett Kelly Museum was founded in 1967 to honor and later in memory of Emmett Kelly Sr., who was born in Sedan, Kansas in 1898.

The Emmett Kelly Museum promotes the understanding and appreciation of regional history and events in ways that recognize and explain our shared past as the foundation for our future; by creating innovative learning environments, programs and tools for exploration that help people of all ages, origins, and geographic locations; and by promoting the collection and preservation of historical artifacts, buildings and materials of historical value and interests.

One may visit the Emmett Kelly Museum located at 204 E. Main in Sedan, Kansas or read more about Emmett Kelly Sr., the museum collections and browse the on-line catalog of special selected items on it’s web site at http://www.emmettkellymuseum.com.

The Emmett Kelly Museum’s 40th Anniversary Celebration and Largest Gathering of Clowns world record attempt is expected to be one of the most exciting, fun-filled and largest events of 2007 in Kansas.


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