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If I Were a Clown, by Floyd Shaffer

If I Were A Clown

If I Were a Clown, by Floyd ShafferIf I Were A Clown by Floyd Shaffer

Buy from Amazon.com  An incredibly excellent book! Not a how-to manual, but a presentation of issues dear to a clown’s heart. Filled with anecdotes of Mr. Shaffer’s many years of clowning, it’s an   excellent resource. Even if you’ve never clowned and never will, read this book — it shows so clearly the heart of a clown, the heart of a child, and (I believe) the heart of Christ.

Though not a book on clowning, per se, it does include descriptions of several clown skits that Mr. Shaffer performs in a church environment, including the Love Balloons, and the Mark of the Clown. (more…)

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Clown Ministry, by Floyd Shaffer, Sewall Penne

Clown Ministry by Floyd Shaffer, Sewall Penne

Clown Ministry, by Floyd Shaffer, Sewall PenneClown Ministry by Floyd Shaffer  & Sewall Penne – a how-to manual and dozens of skits for service and worship

Buy from Amazon.com  From the “father” of modern clown ministry (and one of his students) comes this book dealing with the how & why of clown ministry. Although I don’t agree with everything here (for example, the book promotes silent clowning exclusively), it’s a very good insight into the heart of clown ministry & how it works. It starts with the underlying theory of clown ministry, and proceeds to the design and application of the four major styles of clown make up. It includes an outline for a seminar on clown ministry as well as 30 different skits. (more…)

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