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Otto Griebling – circus tramp clown

Otto Griebling - color photo
Otto Griebling (April 28, 1896 -€“ April 19, 1972) Inducted into the Clown Hall of Fame 1989 Otto Griebling, who became a fixture of the American circus as a tramp clown performing for the most famous circuses of the 20th Century, began his career not as a clown, but...
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How do I start clowning? clown makeup, part 1

Frosty Little applying makeup
Clown Tutorial – creating your clown face – clown makeup introduction There are many things to be said about clown makeup – €”however, there is one thing that must come first. Ignore what you’ve heard — €”your clown face is not a mask! It’s entirely the opposite —...
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Clown Costume part 2 – part of the clowning tutorial

Assistant Director, college professor, and a truly great clown, Lee Mullaly, doing his Staff on Stage as Juggles.
Let’s talk about some of the specifics of your clown costume. Keep in mind a few basic guidelines: Colorful – you want to be seen from a distance Large patterns – you need to be seen from a distance; as well, this visually establishes your ‘clownishness’ Contrast, not...
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