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A Sea Dog’s Tale

Vernon Dent (in blackface), Billy Bevan, in A Sea Dog's Tale
A Sea Dog’s Tale (1926) starring Billy Bevan, Andy Clyde, Vernon Dent  A Sea Dog’s Tale is a Mack Sennet comedy starring Billy Bevan, but begins somewhere in the South Seas, where the cast (people in black-face) are having a contest. The contest involves spear throwing at a...
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Hoboken to Hollywood

Hollywood to Hoboken - Billy Bevan, Vernon Dent
Hoboken to Hollywood (1926) starring Billy Bevin,  Vernon Dent  Movie review of the silent film comedy “Hoboken to Hollywood” (1926) starring Billy Bevan, co-starring Vernon Dent You likely know someone who laughs at everyone else’s misfortune – especially when he causes it.   In a nutshell, that’s the...
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Saturday Afternoon

Saturday Afternoon, starring Harry Langdon and Vernon Dent
Saturday Afternoon (1926) starring Harry Langdon, Vernon Dent Saturday Afternoon is a pleasant silent comedy, starring Harry Langdon as Harry Higgins, the ultimate in henpecked husbands, who at the urging of his friend Steve Smith (Vernon Dent) accompanies him on a ‘date’ with two young ladies that Steve...
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