Clowning Book of the Month – April 2020

Clowning Book of the Month – April 2020 answers the question: Who’s reading what? Continuing the monthly saga of who’s purchasing what from Amazon via our humble site. As you’ve probably discovered by now, we’ve posted quite a few book and movie reviews of clown-related things on the site, most of which are available at If you’re curious, here is the bestseller list from the web site for last month. Books, Videos, and the “how did that show up?”



Well, this is weird

  • Really, really weird, frankly. The Voodoo Doll spellbook? Yep, seriously. Don’t order it – please. There’s enough weird things in the world.
  • Other things not worth listing, such as frying pans, Fruit of the Loom underwear, etc. Don’t take it the wrong way; all of these help support the site, and are appreciated.
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