Here Comes the Clown

Here Comes the Clown starring Boswick the Clown and Phoebe the Duck

Buy from  Here Comes the ClownHere Comes the Clown  is  not  a DVD that teaches clowning  skills.   Instead, it is an entertaining DVD for children that children (and adults) will enjoy and laugh at.   The basic plot line is that Boswick the Clown wakes up, and remembers that there’s  something  that he has to do today, but he can’t remember what.   Despite attempts at reminders from Pat the Hat (a fellow clown) and Phoebe the Duck (Boswick’s sidekick), Boswick manages to not realize that he is performing a show today until the very end of the DVD.   Will Boswick remember the show in time?   Well, of course, but it’s a fun trip to that point.

Highlights include a very funny :musical interlude” as Boswick dances to various music styles, eating breakfast, and (my favorite) Boswick’s clown family picnic.   The only complaint that I have is that it isn’t longer; the video ends with highlights from Boswick’s stage show; I would have loved to have seen that as part of the DVD.   Even as is, the DVD holds the rapt attention of my six-year-old daughter, my eight-year-old son, and my ten-year-old daughter.   I recommend it, and rate it 4 clowns out of 5.

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Product Description of  Here Comes the Clown

Who’s ready for some “clowning around?

Join the antics of Boswick the Clown and his pal, Phoebe the Duck, as they go through one zany fun-filled day. From scuba diving in the bathtub, to disco dancing in the bedroom, to racing around the landscape of San Francisco, viewers will be thrilled with each hilarious twist.

Boswick , a former Ringling Brothers Circus (TM) clown, has been entertaining audiences around the globe for nearly two decades. His lovable character and style of comedy is based on the classic clowns of yesteryear. Parents and grandparents can introduce children to the timeless art of clowning and re-live a special part of their own childhoods.

So everyone, get ready because “Here Comes the Clown!”


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