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The Fool in the Mirror

The Fool in the Mirror, a clown poem by Tom Raymond The man sits wearily in front of the mirror the sound of laughter ringing in his ears a fool stares back at him. A faint grin tugs at his lips as he wipes the smile off his...
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Everybody Loves a Clown – song lyrics

Everybody Loves a Clown song lyrics Everybody loves a clown, so why don’€™t you? Everybody laughs at the things that I say and do. They all laugh when they say me coming, But you don’t laugh; you just go home running.
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Send in the Clowns | song lyrics

Send In The Clowns Lyrics as performed by Frank Sinatra
Send In The Clowns  Lyrics as performed by Frank Sinatra [written by Steven Sondheim, Recorded June 22, 1973, Hollywood] [Spoken intro] This is a song about a couple of adult people who have spent, oh, quite a long time together, till one day, one of ’em gets restless and...
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A Dying Child

A Dying Child I saw a twinkle in his eye   how strange for someone who soon will die Then a smile on his face how strange for such a place He laughed and giggled as I walked by how strange for someone who soon will die
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A Smile

A Smile - Felix Adler's favorite poem
A Smile –  Felix Adler‘s favorite poem It costs nothing but creates much. It enriches those who receive it, without improverishing those who give it. It happens in a flash and the memory sometimes lasts forever.
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God bless all clowns

Thank you God for blessing me much more than I deserve
God bless all clowns. Who star in the world with laughter, Who ring the rafters with flying jest, Who make the world spin merry on its way. God bless all clowns. So poor the world would be, Lacking their piquant touch, hilarity, The belly laughs, the ringing lovely.
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Be a Clown – song lyrics

Lou Jacobs circus poster - Barnum and Bailey Circus
Song lyrics to Be A Clown, written by Cole Porter, performed by Judy Garland and Gene Kelly in The Pirate (1948) I’ll remember forever, When I was but three, Mama, who was clever, Remarking to me; If, son, when you’re grown up, You want ev’rything nice, I’ve got...
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