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Sucker Die Box

Sucker Die Box – classic comedy kids magic

One of the classic kids show magic props in the Sucker Die Box.  It’s a wooden box with two doors, that you open and put a large die inside.  Acting like an inept magician (which should be a natural for a clown), you tilt the die box at a 45-degree angle, and open the upper door to show that it’s empty.  And as you’re tilting the box, the audience can ‘hear’ the die sliding to the other side.  In the same fashion, you tilt it the other way.  Again with the sliding sound, to ‘prove’ that the box is empty.

The kids aren’t going to be taken in by anything this obvious, and shout out that they want to see both compartments open at the same time.  After playing with this for as long as the audience will stand for, eventually you show both sides open at once … and the die having vanished.  It’s another wonderful example of the ‘magician in trouble’ syndrome that David Ginn talks about in Clown Magic.

Courtesy of YouTube, you can see a demonstration of the Sucker Die Box:

Product description of the Sucker Die Box

Magician displays a large single die and a box with 2 compartments. The die is placed in one side and the fun starts. Doors are closed, the box is tipped to one side, the door is opened to show the die has vanished. Well, the audience knows the die has just slid into the other side. The magician goes on and on as he suckers the audience into believing they know how it’s done, but at the end, you open all 4 doors showing the die has really vanished only to reappear in an upside down hat on your table.


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