The Honeymooners episode guide

The Honeymooners episode guide

The Honeymooners episode guide – A guide to the classic 39 episodes of The Honeymooners, starring Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, Audrey Meadows, Joyce Randolph

TV or Not TV
With Ed and Ralph sharing a TV set, Norton and Captain Video become permanent fixtures in the Kramden household!
Original broadcast date: 10/1/55
Funny Money
Ralph finds a suitcase filled with money and becomes a big-time spender. But the money is counterfeit, and Ralph is in big-time trouble!
Original broadcast date: 10/8/55
The Golfer
After her brags to his boss that he’s a champion golfer, Ralph has just two days to learn the game … from Norton!
Original broadcast date: 10/15/55
A Woman’s Work Is Never Done
Fed up with hearing Ralph complain about the housework not getting done, Alice hires Ima, the maid.
Original broadcast date: 10/22/55
A Matter of Life and Death
In the mistaken belief that he is dying of a rare disease, Ralph sells his story to a magazine. Now it’s Dr. Norton to the rescue!
Original broadcast date: 10/29/55
The Sleepwalker
Ralph will stop at nothing to put an end to Norton’s sleepwalking … including moving in with him.
Original broadcast date: 11/5/55
Better Living Through TV
Ralph and Norton go on TV to sell The Handy Housewife Helper.
Original broadcast date: 11/12/55
Pal O’Mine
A ring that won’t come off comes between lifelong friends Ralph and Ed … until a sewer explosion brings Ralph to his senses.
Original broadcast date: 11/19/55
Brother Ralph
When Ralph gets laid off, Alice takes a job and tells her new boss that Ralph is her brother!
Original broadcast date: 11/26/55
Hello, Mom
Rather than stay under the same roof with his mother-in-law, Ralph moves in with Norton.
Original broadcast date: 12/3/55
The Deciding Vote
When Ralph turns up one vote short of being elected Racoon Convention Manager, he blames Norton and vows revenge.
Original broadcast date: 12/10/55
Something Fishy
Alice wants to go on the Annual Racoon Lodge fishing trip … and she won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.
Original broadcast date: 12/17/55
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
Ralph hocks his bowling ball to buy Alice a last-minute gift.
Original broadcast date: 12/24/55
The Man From Space
In order to win the $50 prize for best costume at the Racoon Lodge party, Ralph raids the icebox and becomes The Man From Space!
Original broadcast date: 12/31/55
A Matter of Record
After insulting his mother-in-law, Ralph makes a record apologizing to Alice, and reluctantly, her mother.
Original broadcast date: 1/7/56
Oh My Aching Back
After he hurts his back bowling, Ralph needs an excuse to spend the night upstairs with Norton … and a heating pad.
Original broadcast date: 1/14/56
The Baby Sitter
Unaware of Alice’s new job as a babysitter, Ralph overhears a customer talking about her in the barbershop and thinks she is two-timing him!
Original broadcast date: 1/21/56
The $99,000 Answer
The category is popular songs, and Ralph won’t quit until he wins $99,000! With Norton helping him practice, how can he lose?
Original broadcast date: 1/28/56
Ralph Kramden, Inc.
Norton buys stock in Ralph Kramden, Inc. A week later, with Ralph in line to inherit a fortune, Norton wants his share.
Original broadcast date: 2/4/56
Young At Heart
Ralph will do anything to keep his marriage young … even dance the Hucklebuck and lear to roller skate!
Original broadcast date: 2/11/56
A dog’s Life
After Ralph gets his boss Mr. Marshall to taste KranMar’s Delicious Mystery Appetizer, the mystery is solved .. it’s dog food!
Original broadcast date: 2/18/56
Here Comes the Bride
Alice’s sister moves in with the Kramdens after Ralph’s advice to the groom causes her marriage to self-destruct.
Original broadcast date: 2/25/56
mamal Loves Mambo
Ralph turns over a new leaf when a handsome Latin dancer convinces him that he’s been taking Alice for granted.
Original broadcast date: 3/3/56
Please Leave the Premises
Stubbornly refusing to pay the latest rent increase, Ralph barricades himself inside the apartment.
Original broadcast date: 3/10/56
Pardon My Glove
When Ralph comes home to find a man’s white glove hidden in the drawer, he crawls out the window to surprise the suspected gigolo!
Original broadcast date: 3/17/56
Young Man With A Horn
Determined to hit that high note and be a success, Ralph asks Norton to list his strong points … and his weak points.
Original broadcast date: 3/24/55
Head of the House
Ralph is in hot water after he brags to The Questioning Photographer that he’s the boss of his household.
Original broadcast date: 3/31/56
The Worry Wary
A letter from the IRS arrives and Ralph worries while Norton eats.
Original broadcast date: 4/7/56
After witnessing a bank robbery and getting shot at, Ralph is a nervous wreck … and for good reason. The killers are following him!
Original broadcast date: 4/14/56
The Loudspeaker
Ralph thinks he is about to be named Raccoon of the Year. But the Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler has other ideas.
Original broadcast date: 4/21/56
On Stage
Ralph sees his role in the Raccoon Lodge play as his ticket to stardom … until he finds out Norton’s in the play too!
Original broadcast date: 4/28/56
Opportunity Knocks But
The Gotham Bus Company owner, Mr. Marshall, offers Norton a job … as Ralph’s supervisor.
Original broadcast date: 5/5/56
Unconventional Behavior
Ralph and Ed will be a regular riot at the annual Racoon convention … if they ever get Norton’s handcuffs off!
Original broadcast date: 5/15/56
The Safety Award
nervous about receiving an award for being the safest bus driver in the city, Ralph gets into an accident!
Original broadcast date: 5/19/56
Mind Your Own Business
After Ralph’s advice gets Ed fired from the sewer, Norton gets a job selling steam-irons – he’s a flop, but pretends that he’s doing so well that Ralph wants in as well!
Original broadcast date: 5/26/56
Alice and the Blonde
After going nuts over Bert Wedemeyer’s blonde bombshell wife, Ralph comes home to find a bombshell of his own.
Original broadcast date: 6/2/56
the Bensonhurst Bomber
After picking a fight with a big, tough brute named Harvey, Ralph tries to scare his foe into backing out.
Original broadcast date: 9/8/56
Dial J For Janitor
Ralph is the new janitor at 328 Chauncey Street … and the complaints are pouring in!
Original broadcast date: 9/15/56
A Man’s Pride
Ralph’s pride is as big as his belt size when he gets roped into an expensive dinner with Alice and her old beau.
Original broadcast date: 9/22/56
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