Cuban Pals [I Love Lucy]

Cuban Pals – I Love Lucy episode 28, originally aired 4/21/1952

Cuban Pals - I Love Lucy - Ricky and Lucy

In Cuban Pals, some of Ricky Ricardo’s old friends — professional entertainers — have come to America from Cuba, and visit with Ricky and Lucy.  Lucy, of course, speaks no Spanish, and the Cuban couple speak no English, which makes for some interesting comedy when Ricky leaves the room for a moment.  However, that’s nothing compared to the very funny scene when Ricky begins translating from English to Spanish and back – a very funny episode, including when they ask if Lucy’s hair is naturally red, and Ricky takes some liberties with the translation.

Cuban Pals - little Renita, Ricky, Lucy

The visiting couple suggests that ‘little Renita’ dance with Ricky at the club. Lucy agrees, until she sees the lovely woman that Renita has grown into.  She conspires with Fred and Ethel to have Renita not show up in time at the club, with Lucy filling in – for a dance number that she never expected.

Cuban Pals is available on the season 1 I Love Lucy DVD collection.

I Love Lucy Quotes

Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) [speaking to Cuban friends of Ricky]: Ricky told me about your dancing group and what a success it was in Cuba.  Where do you think you’ll go from here?
[Carlos and Maria give a puzzled look]
Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball): Do you know where you’ll go from here?
Carlos [consults translation book]: Wee doh knot.
Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball): Wee doh knot?  Sounds like someplace in Arkansas.
Carlos [wife points in book]: Oh!  Wee doh knot speak English!

Cuban Pals - Ricky translates from English to Spanish and back

Renita: I haven’t seen Ricky since I was a little girl!
Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball): Yeah, that’s what he told me.
Renita: And I can’t get over how he’s developed!
Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball): [looking over the beautiful Renita] Yeah, you’ve done pretty well yourself.

I Love Lucy Trivia

  • Ricky performs, and Renita dances to, “The Lady in Red” – one of Desi Arnaz’s hit recordings before the I Love Lucy series.
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