A Short Trip

A Short Trip – a silent clown skit or pantomime

A silent skit for 1 clown. It can be performed with prop (a flower, artificial or paper) or entirely in pantomime.

Clown enters from stage right, and begins to cross the stage. Midway across, he trips over something. He looks down to find what tripped him, and spies the flower. He reacts for the audience, and bends over to pick the flower up — however, the root is stronger than he thinks, and it doesn’t come.
Perturbed, he uses both hands to pluck the flower — it still doesn’t come. Determined, he stoops down — this time, he’ll win! He spits on his hands (for traction — like he’s seen in the movies) — only to look at the mess — Eww! Reacts for the audience, possibly wiping his hands on his costume, a towel, etc.

Undaunted, our hero tries again. He takes a firm grip on that flower, and pulls — one — Two — THREE! On the third pull, he succeeds, falling backward on his haunches. But success!

He stands up in triumph, a slight smirk on his face. He triumphantly smells his catch — aah! He smells more deeply — Aaah! A third time, nearly inhaling the flower — Ah! Ah? Ah… choo!

Oh no — allergies! His victory spoilt, our hero looks the picture of defeat — his head down, his shoulders slumped. He bends down, replants the flower, and stands up.

As he starts to walk on, he stops, and look back at his adversary. In one swift motion, he squashes it under his foot! With a look of triumph, he mugs for the audience, and walks on.

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